Chottanikkara Bhagavathy

Mandapathil Paattu!

In this famous vazhipaadu, there is a combination of other important vazhipaadus like Annadanam, Chuttuvilakku and Niramala, Appam, Ada, Payasam, Chathussadam, offering of paddy, Special Archana etc. This vazhipaadu at present costs from Rs.20000 to 22000 (approximate).

Of the various offerings to Devi intended to win the divine grace the Mandapathil Paattu (ceremonial song in the portico of the temple) is as important as the dawn-to-dusk pooja in the celeberated Shree Krishna temple, Guruvayoor.

On the day of the Mandapathil Paattu the entire area of the mandapam will be beautifully decked in the traditional style with various types of burning bronze oil lamps, tender coconut leaves cut into size, silk and satin clothes and fineries, leaves of sacred trees, fragrant flowers and yellow spikes of coconut and arecanut trees, several Niraparas (huge wooden measuring units filled with raw rice, fried paddy, paddy) and other ceremonial materials associated with bringing good luck and prosperity. Burning camphor and incenses will fill the air with rapturous fragrance.

A suitable devotional song (Brahmini Amma Paatu) chanted in classical style with the accomplishment of a simple instrument made of bronze, in addition to the routine instrumental music of the temple will lend musical charm to the serenity and splendour of the occasion .

Throbbing hearts will stand watching this rare scene sharing the unique satisfaction of self realization and devotion. All the poojas in the sanctorum will be performed in the Mandapam also. The Chathussatham ( a kind of loose sweet pudding) Nivedyam is very significant in this connection.