Bhajanam is an important vazhipaadu being done by the devotees for certain special purposes. Bhajanam here, is quite different from chanting hymns (Namajapam). It is a special mode of bhajanam, which should be conducted only with stay in the Devasthanam rooms. Bhajanam can be conducted by any devotee, no matter he or she is in a pleasant or sad circumstances. It is a peculiar way of attempt to appease the Goddess by undergoing certain sacrifices. it can be done for getting rid of mental or physical illness or afflictions, tension, stress and strains, lack of concentration, unruly behaviour, poor education, job or to get married or have no children etc. But the bhajanam should be conducted or will definitely be fruitful only if the devotees observes following rules and regulations. Experiences of innumerable devotees prove that it is an effective remedy.


  1. Those who intend to conduct the bhajanam should come to the temple on the previous evening and be present for the Nirmalya Darsanam when the nada opens in the morning next day (4.00 a.m. on normal days and 3.30 a.m. on Fridays and Mandalam season).

  2. After having Nirmalya Darsanam both at the Melkavu and Kizhukkavu Temples, they have to conduct prathakshinam with perfect purity and chanting of God's names. They have to come to Sivan Nada at 5 a.m. for having darsanam of Sivandhara and see the Ethruthu pooja at 5.30 a.m. in Melkavu Temple. Also conduct prathakshinam for the seeveli afterwards. Then go to Kizhukavu temple for worshipping the Guruthi pooja and obtain Guruthy Prasadam. This Guruthy prasadam should be kept in custody and taken, after obtaining bhajanam ghee from the Melkavu Temple after the Pantheeradipooja (8a.m.) Then only one should take food.

  3. After the breakfast, the devotee should continue the prathakshinam with namajapams and be present for the Dhara at Sivan Nada ( at 11.00 a.m. ), Uchapooja at Melkavu Temple (12.00 noon ) and the Uchaseeveli. After that the devotee should obtain the nivedyam choru and eat it.

  4. Then the devotee can take rest but avoid day-sleep When the Nada reopens at 4.00 p.m., as earlier, the devotee should pray and conduct prathakshinam in both the temples. Then the Deeparadhana ( 6.30 p.m. ), Athazhapooja and seeveli should be seen and prayed. Then go to the Kizhukavu Temple and pray during the Guruthi pooja and obtain Guruthi prasadam. After this, they can have the supper.

  5. The devotee shouldn't take food from outside. Salt, sour and chilly etc., should be consumed less. It is better to consume milk, fruits, vegetables etc.

  6. Those who conduct bhajanam couldn't go outside the temple premises.

  7. Those who are possessed by evil spirits or doubt so or have some sort of diseases should see that no unsacred things are happening on their part. There should be a person accompanying the devotee who conduct the bhajanam. The above said people should be brought only up to the Balikkalpura. Conducting the prathikshinam of the Banian tree with the strict rituals will mitigate the Navagrahadosha etc.

  8. Those ladies who enters in their periods, should be removed from the temple premises and continue their bhajanam only after 7 days.

  9. The devotee should conduct the various vazhipaadus to the Deities according to their capacity.

  10. There will be no bhajanam during the Utsavam days.

  11. The pooja timings will change during special days.

  12. All should observe the temple rules and rituals strictly. If any more informations is needed, contact directly with the Devaswom Assistant Commissioner / Manager.

Assistant Commissioner, Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple